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Suzhou Hongyang Textile Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, and it covers 100mu. The company is situated in the scenic Foreign Investment Development Zone, Zhenze Town. 318 State Road, and the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou run through it, 5km from G50 Shanghai-Chongqi Expressway in the north, 100km from Hangzhou in the south, 50km from Suzhou in the north, 110km from Shanghai in the east, it is easy of access. The company owns two pad dyeing production lines, advanced equipment, including: imported jig dyeing machines (Mezzera), imported carbon sanding machine (Italy Kalu), AIRO finishing softening machine (BIANCALANI, MONTEX setting machine, Taiwan overflow dyeing machine), thus it is capable of dyeing various plant fibers, washing various fabrics, and it also engages in enzyme wash, and special after treatment. The annual dyeing and finishing capacity is 20 million meters. The compan

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Company Name: Suzhou Hongyang Textile Co., Ltd. 
Company Address: Development Zone, Zhenze Town, Wujiang City, Jiangsu, China 
Zip: 215231 
Contact Person: Mr Huang,Mr Lin 
Telephone Number: +86-512-63772711 
Mobile: +86-13906257795,+86-13962567711  
Fax Number: +86-512-63770394 
Email: 13962567711@163.com 
Homepage: www.hy-linen.com